We buy fabulous houses and flats
We buy fabulous properties from under £1 million to over £100 million in London and the country. Unlike estate agents we don’t sell and our sole aim is to find the perfect property whilst delivering an outstanding service in the process.
We give you access to more properties
The best houses will rarely be found on the websites of selling agents. To unearth this (un)real estate requires an exceptional and extensive network of contacts, along with a great deal of determination and tenacity.  We adopt a pro-active approach combined with old fashioned legwork to identify and secure the right house for our clients. We aim to consistently deliver amongst the best private information in the market. But we are also realists. However good we are, we can’t guarantee to always have this information before anyone else. For example, in Central London alone there are several hundred ‘buying agents’, so anyone making such a claim is not being honest with their clients or themselves.
We save you time
Prime real estate is extremely subjective and multidimensional in nature, from its location to period, from rarity to quality.  From the outset, we listen and make it our business to understand what our clients want. We explain the pros and cons of living in an area and guide on what and what not to buy. We aren’t afraid to suggest ideas that stray from the obvious. All of which means that when we say a property is worth looking at, our clients are assured they aren’t wasting their valuable time.
You will enjoy a competitive edge
Finding the perfect home can seem like the easy bit, trying to secure it can often prove to be the difficult part. We provide inventive and creative solutions to even the most complex negotiations. The combination of our outstanding relationships, huge depth of market and local knowledge inevitably gives our clients the coveted status as ‘preferred buyer’. We will act decisively and incisively. We also give our expert opinion of what a property is worth, even if this is at odds with the price required to secure it.

We have a network of trusted professionals who know how to work to our clients’ expectations. If we only have 48 hours to obtain an expert planning opinion, full structural survey and conduct a full due diligence on a property, leave it to us. We always give informed and objective advice, which of course our clients are free to ignore! If there is something we don’t know, we will tell you before setting about finding out the answer.

Try before you buy
Buying agents range from simple search agents to professional advisors who advise clients about what to buy, warn of potential threats and give opinions on value. The market has seen huge growth in recent years and to excel in this sector requires a huge amount of time, energy and devotion. We are long established experts who have come together to form a buying business that sets new standards in the industry. Indeed, we are so confident about what we do, we’ll even let you try us out before having to make a commitment to us.