We are proud to have a manifesto so that everyone involved in our business knows what is expected of them. We are happy to share our values with the outside world.

Heaton & Partners is a property buying advisory business. Our success depends on delivering such a great service to our clients that they will rave about us to their friends, family and colleagues. There is only one way we can consistently achieve this and that is to put our clients’ interests at the heart of everything we do.

No one working within the business will be individually targeted for their performance and every fee earner should have the opportunity to share in the ownership of the business. Only then can a culture of putting clients first develop and thrive.

Every employee and partner in the business is empowered to make decisions and judgements. Our culture encourages everyone to be inventive, creative and entrepreneurial.

All of us make mistakes from time to time, but if the intention was right, no one will be chastised for making a poor decision. However, if we don’t know the answer to something, then we admit it. We believe this is a sign of great strength, not weakness. We never lie or mislead. There is no place for bull in our business.