If you would like to speak to any of our former clients, just ask. Here is a small selection of what some of them have said about us and our partners:

I’m going to whole heartedly recommend Ed Heaton and Partners to everyone I meet, whether they want to talk to me or not. (CS)

The house we finally bought was a far cry from our orginal brief. The fact we bought it and are so happy there is a reflection of how good Heaton & Partners are at interpreting our likes and dislikes. Identifying and securing the right house for a client is a true art, of which Heaton & Partners are masters. (GS)

I would like to express our utter relief and good fortune at having received such professional and expert assistance from Charlie Warner of Heaton & Partners during what was a difficult and challenging purchase of our new home. (ND)

Karen, your intel is very impressive! (RP)

Helen Rhodes researched houses thoroughly and did not bombard us with unsuitable properties. It is very reassuring to have someone on your side. (NR)
The team at Heaton & Partners were great. We now have the property we always wanted but could not have done it without their help. (US)

 I could not recommend Jack and Heaton & Partners more highly. All of my goals were accomplished and the transaction was seamless from my side. (NS)

We are beyond thrilled to have engaged Heaton & Partners and cannot recommend them highly enough.  Ed was always available, incredibly knowledgeable, endlessly patient and forever in-tune with our wishes throughout.  Their impressive negotiating advice, comprehensive local contacts and excellent post completion services helped to make our purchase amazingly smooth and happy. (LA)

Thank you for the excellent service provided and it has been a pleasure. It was one of my aims to own a property in London and you have both worked very hard to achieve it. (RS)

A big thank you for pushing this through. Had it been left to the vendors to move at their speed I think we would have been lucky to have been in for Christmas! (PS)
House buying is difficult: the right one is hard to find and then even harder to buy successfully, particularly as most of us are rank amateurs in this field. But having Ed going out to bat for you tilts the game much more in your favour. We have already recommended. (NW)

Heaton & Partners were very responsive, insightful and professional and a pleasure to work with. We were also positively surprised by the support network at Heaton & Partners. (RM)

I expected a first class service and I have got one. Edward Heaton gets A+++ in my book; he is very good and adds a huge amount of value to all sorts of elements of the exercise. He is really excellent. And so, despite my expectations, Edward has exceeded them. (JT)

Whenever we went around a house we would be told both the positive and negative points. We were told things that were really valuable to think about. The advice we got on how to bid was invaluable and the timing too because there were other people interested in it. We were advised on things to say and things to do, and also on understanding the value of the house. (DO)

What was good from our point of view was how much we were looked after during the days we spent together…there was a very high level of service. The surprise was how good that was. (JH)
I was surprised that we were able to be the first people in to see a property. (JG)
Ed was brilliant, very knowledgeable, very easy to work with. Very good on the negotiation side of things and at guiding us as to price. (MI)
Ed Heaton was very impressive. (FR)
We would have been lost without Ed. (JO)
Excellent. I could not fault the professionalism. (LI)
Really on the ball, very clear, we felt really taken care of. (CG)
Very nice, very professional, very courteous, a good relationship person. (JG)
Got it right from the start. Excellent. (MR)
Ed very quickly picked up what we were looking for and every time he said he had something to show me we knew it would be worth seeing. Ed was brilliant at everything, and we had a real feeling of confidence in everything he did. He went the extra mile for us. (JH)
Edward was brought up in the area, he has roots and family there and consequently knows the patch extremely well. He was ideal (MR)
I have already recommended Ed to several friends. (VB)